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Executive Summary
Upon graduation from the University of Copenhagen, my career has revolved around cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, practice management and lately implant dentistry and periodontal plastic surgery. My focus is and has always been striving for excellence in every area of my professional life. To me dentistry is an art form.
My leadership style is delegating and being supportive. I understand the value of a highly motivated team and how to contribute to a culture of continuous learning.
Personally, I am open, honest and direct and generally enthusiastic and engaged in what I do. In addition, I am a team player who understands his individual role and how to contribute to the success of the overall team.
Key competences


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I know how to delegate and how to review accordingly while creating a common direction. I am by nature motivating, positive and understand the value of teamwork and I emphasize leading by example.
Relation building/Case presentations:
Socially I consider myself competent, a good listener, and am able to relate to people from all walks of life. This has enabled me to build long term relations with my patients. I am able to act with integrity and authenticity and am able to understand how my treatment plan will fit into my patient’s life; this has been vital in obtaining the necessary trust and a high case acceptance ratio.
Mentally I am composed, focused and have an ability for rendering the optimal; these are some of the qualities that characterize my daily work as a dentist. For me the professional trade of the dentist is an art of dentistry where you create an individual work of art with your hands, uniquely designed to suit the need for each individual.
I am a dedicated aesthetic dentist, who is always in search of new goals and competences (qualifications), as my philosophy is based upon “only the best is good enough”.
Sparring partner:
I play an active role as member of any dental team and contribute with constructive input for the development of the dental practice.
Energy and power:
I am known to have a high level of energy and to induce consensus in the team. I am passionate and engaged in finding the best solutions and thrive on seeing the results of our hard labour. I communicate openly and direct and can handle complicated issues without losing perspective.
Work experience
2007 – ? – Owner of Best Smile Clinic
Primary areas of responsibility

2002 – 2007  Associated in four different private practices
Primary areas of responsibility



Composite:L. Vanini, N. Fahl, D. Dietschi
Prostodontic: M. Fradeani, P. Magne, G.Gürel, N. Barghi, B. Dorfman, D. Hornbrook
Implant and Perio: S. Jovanovic, M. Simion, P. Allen, H. Takei, A. Pelegrine
Implant/pros.: M. Fradeani, B. Touati, S. Paul, E. Euwe
Occlusion: P. Dawson, D. Wilkerson, J. Cranham, G. DuPont, F. Spear


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